Coaching has the potential to make a very big difference to many situations.

CreativeInterventions has supported people in their business and personal lives, at all levels of the organisation, who are:

  • newly promoted leaders, first-line and very senior
  • experiencing conflict in their relationships
  • dealing with difficult people
  • looking for a ‘new role’ or promotion
  • experiencing change and leading others through change
  • returning to work
  • experiencing a loss of confidence
  • finding their role challenging
  • finding it difficult to motivate themselves or others

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

“Donna ensures a holistic approach considering all aspects of life not just work which has helped me consider my work life balance and how to manage it. This also means that we discuss the things that are of greatest concern to me at the time”.  Head of Therapies, NHS Acute Trust.

“Donna has an uncanny ability to mould a discussion such that even if I were trying to resist a particular solution to problem because I found it somewhat unpalatable, and if it was the best solution, the conversation would conclude with me (freely, if begrudgingly) acknowledging this.  This process was most useful in overcoming certain barriers to my progression”.  Consultant, NHS Trust.