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Last week, I completed Supervision training.   The provider was British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited and completion confers eligibility for entry on to the BPS Register for Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPs).

Before you write to congratulate me, please stop and pause, as I did when reading a quote from Carl Rogers in Robin Shohet’s amazing book:  ‘Supervision as Transformation: A Passion for Learning.

“Certification doesn’t equal competence”.

This really made me think hard about what I should do next.

And here’s what I thought … Rather than plunge in, I have decided that my practice as a supervisor would benefit enormously from more ‘post-training reflective practice’  – which I shall, in turn, take to my own Supervisor.  This would be ‘super’-vision!

So, here is an offer to any coaches out there in search of supervision …  Would you be willing to work with me to build my supervisory capability?  Together, could we establish a mutual place of shared learning of reflection and practice?

Free of charge, I would offer three 90 minute sessions.  These would need to be in the evening (GMT), by Skype or telephone, at a time to suit us both.   I only have capacity for two clients, so please contact me by private message if you, or someone you know, would be interested.

Kind regards,Donna

You can find out more about my experience as a coach from